Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another cat sketch

Quick sketching seems to evade me. I have been working on this piece much too long perhaps but making fur with a graphite pencil is very time consuming. This was done from a picture and is not one of my felines. But certainly represents the goings on around here when a bug, bird or other moving creature moves into their territory.
I am hoping that with time I will gain the needed confidence so that I can draw and complete things a bit more quickly. But for now I am happy to spend the time just making something I am not ashamed of.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Beginnings

I joined Everday Matters because I know with all my heart that every day does matter. I feel I have neglected my art and want to incorporate it into my everyday living. My first drawing to share with you comes from the #185 suggestion "draw a cat". This is my cat Sunny. He was laying in a patch of sunlight soaking up the rays.
He was totally in his own world and stayed long enough for me to get this rendidtion.
At this point it is only a pencil drawing. I am thinking of adding color because Sunny is a beautiful golden color.
I am really exicted about this new adventure of EDM in my life